Levitating bus – the answer to traffic jams

· · | Novinky

Some time ago we have presented you with the information about a Chinese invention of the future, and now it has become reality – the levitating bus will soon show up on the roads.



TEB – the Transit Elevated Bus – has been designed on this years’ China Beijing International High-Tech Expo. The idea became hugely popular, even though no one had much hopes when it came to its actual construction – yet it has been produced! At the beginning of August, the Transit Explore Bus company presented the complete model of TEB to the public, and the North-Eastern city of Qinhuangdao has the necessary infrastructure to house the TEB. The vehicle has already taken passengers and will be tested on the roads of abovementioned city.



TEB is 20 meters long and boasts 5 meter height. The width of the vehicle is almost 8 meters, and because of that you can still lodge two lanes underneath it.  Inside one bus, you may find enough space to house 300 people, and that is not all. It is possible to link separate buses together, and in that way allowing more than 1000 people in one go.



What are the advantages?


  • Is uses electrical power supply, therefore reducing the fuel usage and fossil fuels emissions
  • Thanks to the new invention, there is a possibility that – in the future – the traditional buses may disappear, reducing cumbersome traffic jams.


Apart from the advantages, the project also has its drawbacks, for example cars that are higher than 2 meters would not be able to pass under it, and that would be a serious issue for vehicles such as fire trucks. What is more, the roads used be TEB would be allowed to go on exclude roads such as overpasses; the bus is 5 meter tall.



The idea that seems to work for Chinese cities is not bound to succeed in other countries. One is certain, though – the TEB has the potential of preventing huge traffic jams in major Chinese cities.