Do you know what a cable-truck is?

· | Novinky

Not long ago we were writing about autonomous trucks that steer without the help of drivers. Now we can experience birth of a new innovation mode of transportation from Scandinavia – a cable-truck. In Sweden, a new line especially designed for that machine has been opened for public use. Technology from 130 years has a chance of replacing highways.



The cable-truck made by Scania is in fact a hybrid using both electric current as well as combustion engine. In case you may want to overtake another car, the cable-truck has the possibility of lowering its pantograph. During that procedure, the driver would have to use the combustion engine to overtake.



Who took part in the project?



It was a joint-venture experiment between Scania and Siemens engineers who cooperated with the Swedish government under the “road electrification” project. On the E16 motorway, next to the city of Galva in central Sweden, a 2-kilometer-long road has been set up. If the test-track does not let the people down, Siemens is going to put up another one, this time in California in the United States.



What are the advantages?



It is a chance to become less dependent on fossil fuels. In addition, it would also reduce the CO2 emissions. The most striking fact is that the Swedish government wants to completely nullify the usage of gasoline and diesel fuel in road transport by the year of 2030.



Would the new invention prove useful, and therefore enter the European transport for good?